Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, car dealership, or hotel, first impressions matter. The exterior of your business is seen before customers meet the staff, test the product, or even step foot in the building. In fact, they may see your products first through the window. Professionally cleaned windows can make a huge impression.   Showing clients that you pay attention to the details in your business will show them that you’ll be just as dedicated in your interaction with them.

Window cleaning may seem fairly straight forward.  How hard can it be to clean glass, right? There’s a lot more detail that goes into cleaning windows than meets the eye.  Improperly using cleaning supplies or equipment can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. When you hire a window cleaner you’re not hiring someone to use Windex and paper towels.  All windows are different and present various challenges. Some windows because of years of neglect have mineral deposits and require a restoration process to restore them to their original condition.  This requires a professional with experience who can handle the simplest of jobs to the most complex jobs. Clearview has been in business for over 25 years providing superior customer service and a commitment to quality.  From the retail store to the high rise you can trust us with your business.  

At Clearview our goal is customer satisfaction.  Give us a call today to see why hundreds of businesses in Metro Atlanta have been trusting Clearview with all their window cleaning needs.  We guarantee the quality of our work and our service professionals are clean-cut, punctual, and enjoy what they do.  We are happy to provide job references and answer any questions you may have.