What would North Georgia be without our whistling pine trees painting our landscape with year round beauty? Well, it would have a lot less pollen for sure. But, a little (or a lot) pine pollen is a fair sacrifice to make when it is what gives us our unique environment.

Have you ever looked out of the windows of your home or business and wondered why the world turned a light yellow-green color overnight? Then realized it was just a coating of pine pollen on every surface in North Georgia! Your windows and sills need to be cleaned just like the rest of your house and pollen can wiggle it’s way into your home or business—making your life (nose) miserable. If you prefer your world to be seen through yellow-green glasses, then by all means, just keep on keeping on. But, if you’d like a little clarity please contact us and we’ll get your windows sparkling clean!

We professionally clean pollen, dust, dirt, and bird poop from your windows at your home or business.  No streaks, no smudges and no residue.

Stay tuned for our next Window Cleaning blog: What’s the difference between professional window cleaning and non-professional window cleaning?

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