As cooler weather and the holidays begin to move in on us here in Atlanta, we have some cooler weather tips for window maintenance! We may not be slipping into a winter arctic, but temperatures are definitely going to be getting cooler and there are ‘winterizing’ chores that are good to accomplish before winter hits.

First, inspect all of your home’s windows for any cracks, gaps or holes in your screens – from both inside and outside your house. It’s always a good idea to give your home a bi-yearly inspection during the transitional seasons to make sure you won’t be losing any energy through cracks and gaps when you kick your heater on this winter. Doing a thorough inspection before the holidays be one less thing you need to worry.

The next tip we offer is to try to eliminate drafts caused by your windows. It’s said that one-third of your home’s heat gets lost through windows and doors! That can add up to a lot of money over the course of the winter months.

Next, don’t forget about safety! Do a check on all of your windows to make sure they are securely locking! When the temperatures get cooler, it feels great to open up those windows and enjoy the fresh air — take a second to check the locks and make sure they’re tight and secure!

Finally, our favorite tip for preparing for winter and the holidays — CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS! Grit and grime collects on your windows every day. That dirt and grime has the potential to etch the glass, creating scratches and even cracks in your windows! Regular window washing works wonders to reduce this and also helps provide a more beautiful flow of natural sunlight into your home. Think of all the friends and family that will be coming over to enjoy your home over the holidays — make sure your windows are clean! During the upcoming busy pre-holiday and holiday season, let the professionals at Clearview Window Cleaning do the washing for you! You worry about the planning and the fun! We will come out and make sure your windows sparkle like the tinsel on the tree!

It’s never too late to take care of general window maintenance and cleaning. Whether you’re planning ahead or need a last minute appointment to get your residential windows sparkling before your holiday party — give the professionals a call at Clearview Window cleaning for all your Atlanta, Georgia home window cleaning needs! Oh, and don’t forget our other services like chandelier, ceiling fans and hard-to-reach skylight cleaning services as well! After everything you’ve been through in 2020, you deserve a great holiday season!