Atlanta and North Georgia are well known for their abundance of pollen during the spring. It coats everything with its lime green color. It can make you sneeze, cough, and your eyes water. In general it just makes a mess of everything including your homes exterior surfaces and interiors. Since spring is near, so is spring cleaning – a time to deep clean and rid your home of winter and all the dirt and germs that come with it. Why tackle this miserable job alone—let our professionals at Clearview Window Cleaning help you. Some of our interior cleaning consists of:

Window sills
High dusting
Ceiling fans
Cob webs

After the interior of your home is clean, it is time to focus on the exterior. Pressure washing is inexpensive and preserves the life of your exterior paint by removing mold and mildew. Our professionals are skilled, experienced, friendly and knowledgeable. We soft wash all homes with very light pressure and great care is taken in order to leave your house sparkling. Some of our exterior cleaning consists of:

Window trim and sills, soffit, siding, and gutters
Patios and decks
Outdoor furniture
Fences and gates

Clearview Window Cleaning is a family owned business that provides professional residential window cleaning and pressure washing services to the Metro Atlanta area. We have been in business for over 25 years because we are good at what we do. For more information, contact us at (770) 841-4026 to begin your spring cleaning!