Keeps Your Home in Good Condition
The exterior of your house can accumulate dirt and even grow mold which can detract from its appearance. Your walkways, driveways and patios can accumulate dirt, grow mold and mildew and this can become slippery and dangerous. Our experienced technicians will know the correct solution and pressure to apply to the surface being cleaned. If you get your house pressure washed annually it will preserve the life of your paint job and save you money in the long run.

Helps Improve Your  Health
It is no secret that mold and mildew can affect a person’s health. Removing these can significantly improve your family’s health. The flowers and plants around your house might seem to be the culprits that are causing your allergies to flare up, but it could actually be the mold and mildew on your house.

Makes Your Home Visually Appealing
Pressure washing the exterior of your house is important if you ever want to sell your home. A house with a clean exterior is definitely a selling point for potential buyers. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, pressure washing will make your home aesthetically pleasing and preserve your paint job.

Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing
There are many environmentally friendly detergents that are good for the planet and prove to be effective cleaners as well. They are made up of mild soap and chemical agents that turn into a biodegradable material when mixed with water, and they do not leave harmful chemical residue on any surface.

Clearview Window Cleaning is a family owned business that provides both window cleaning and pressure washing to residential and commercial customers in the Metro Atlanta area.  We also provide gutter cleaning and chandelier cleaning.  We pressure wash houses, decks, driveways, sidewalks, patios and porches and even garage floors.  We’ve been in business for 30 years because we provide the highest quality work possible and guarantee everything we do. For more information, contact us at (770) 841-4026 to discuss your pressure washing or window cleaning needs!